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Welcome Thanksgiving With Newfound Gratitude

After last year’s holiday season, this year promises to be filled with more to give thanks for than ever before! Family members and friends will likely gather under one roof again, rather than ‘zooming’ in for a visit. And many priorities may have shifted giving new reasons to be thankful. We might be giving thanks for things we could not have even imagined had there been no COVID-19 pandemic.

So many peoples’ lives have shifted in the past 20 months. We’ve learned that we can work from home and accomplish as much or in some cases more than we did in the office. Some people who lost their jobs, created new businesses that are now providing even greater opportunities and security than expected. We’ve learned we can live on less than we thought and, in many cases that we could still save for retirement. The stories of triumphs, discoveries, accomplishments, newfound abilities and more are as abundant as any cornucopia! They can be found in every town and city, every organization, among your friends and family members. It’s wonderful to discover the many different opportunities that have emerged out of what everyone thought would only bring grief and devastation.

It has been a truly mind and eye-opening year and the feelings of good will are dominant. Yes, I know, there will be difficulties getting certain things we want when we want them due to shipping backlogs. In the scheme of things, that is a minor inconvenience, to say the very least.

Welcome The Wacky Family Dynamics

You missed out on the unique family dynamics that make Thanksgiving ‘Thanksgiving’ last year, right? That means you’re probably excited to see if the family tensions and typical, or shall I say “traditional” family dynamics will be the same this year as in previous years. If they are, cherish them. They are part of the coming together of people who have grown up together and are comfortable enough with each other to bicker. If the dynamics have softened and the displays are more loving, welcome that change. Make note of it. Praise it! Have a good laugh about it!

Welcome New Ways To Give

A new way to give could be as simple as lending a helping hand in the kitchen after the Thanksgiving meal. Or it could be baking something to take to the local fire department for those who don’t get to sit around the dinner table with family. It could be bringing a fun new game for the family to play together. Or volunteering in a local soup kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. Giving doesn’t have to be extravagant to be meaningful. In fact, the most heartfelt gifts are often those that are most valued by the recipients.

Thanks To All Of You Who Read My Blogs And Articles

To everyone who reads my articles and blogs I extend a heartfelt thank you. I hope and pray that you find helpful information and new insights that contribute in some way to your lives. May you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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