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We’re Celebrating 40 Years Of Helping Clients Achieve Their Financial Goals

40 years! My goodness, it’s hard to believe we launched Retirement Resources that long ago. Sometimes it feels like yesterday! That’s because we love what we do so much that time just flies by. Helping our clients establish and achieve their financial goals is truly a labor of love and has been since we opened our doors back in 1982. Today, both of my sons work together with me and my wife. The whole family feels the love, joy and privilege that comes as a result of helping our clients.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing the original core values upon which we built Retirement Resources and from which we have never deviated. These values guide us in all we do. They have inspired us and have been the reason we have not only helped our clients achieve their goals, but in many cases far exceed their goals and expectations. They have certainly helped us exceed our wildest expectations too!

The Four Core Values Retirement Resources Is Founded Upon:

1. Always Do The Right Thing.

Biblical principles of honesty and integrity have always guided us. We work hard to show our clients they can truly trust us to keep their best interests in mind.

2. Make A Difference.

We sincerely desire to make a big impact for good in our clients’ financial lives. We understand that we cannot be all things to all people, so we only accept new clients that we know we can help.

3. Truly Care About People.

Everybody says they provide great service. At Retirement Resources, “service” is not just a department of our business; it is our business.

4. Surround Ourselves With Successful People.

We believe an individual, team or business is only as strong as its partners. We have assembled a staff of highly talented and committed professionals to help us serve our clients.

Negotiating Life’s Unexpected Financial Crises For 40 Years

From the global financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen our share of crises that have wreaked havoc in the financial world, along with individual crises that life throws out from time-to-time. Unexpected and completely beyond anyone’s capacity to anticipate, financial crises rarely undermine our clients goals. Despite the financial crises our clients have endured, even those prior to the two mentioned, we utilize conservative strategies that don’t put our clients at risk, strategies designed to protect their money while maximizing returns.

Give Your Loved Ones A Valentine’s Day Gift They’ll Really Love

If you haven’t started to plan financially for retirement, now is the best time to take that important step. It’s something you can do for your family that truly shows how much you love them. Retirement Resources knows how powerful a gift this can be. Having financial confidence despite the unexpected ups and downs is a priceless gift. We would love to work with you to help you establish goals and help you reach or exceed them. Give us a call and make it a date with your spouse or partner to get started on this road to financial confidence together.

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