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Tending Your Financial Garden

Spring is here. The sky is blue. The pandemic is losing steam. And even though there is a war going on in the Ukraine and we are feeling the results as gas prices continue to rise, nothing can diminish the joys of spring!

The ground is warming up and it’s time to start preparing our garden beds. Colorful, bright and cheery daffodils have already burst through the earth enriching our lives. And just like we know that the harsh winter always turns to the joys of spring, we know that by tending to our financial plans early and regularly we will weather the seasons, whatever they bring, and reap the rewards of our efforts.

The Most Important Garden You’ll Ever Grow

If you think about how you would like to spend your retirement years, you may realize that your financial future is the most important garden you’ll ever grow. Start early and you will reap a bigger harvest that will last longer for your own care and that of your heirs. The earlier you begin, like with any garden, the more you reap.

Consider Your Financial Advisor Your Gardening Pro

When you want gardening tips, you turn to the experts. You educate yourself and eventually after years of gardening, you can pretty much go it on your own. A financial garden is a little different though. Not quite as simple as soil structure, weather conditions, right placement in terms of sunlight. There are other unknown things that can happen to affect your financial garden. The COVID-19 pandemic is the most recent event that no one expected or even imagined.

Your financial advisor will help you weather the storms of life even if that means presenting viable options and talking with you before you are tempted to do something rash. During the worst part of the pandemic, many people who were laid off or furloughed indefinitely were tempted to make withdrawals from their retirement accounts. Some had to make withdrawals in order to feed their families. In such devastating events, taking from your retirement account may be unavoidable. However, discussing options with a fiduciary financial advisor could lead to a different, more favorable outcomes. Reviewing your retirement plan from time-to-time with a fiduciary financial advisor can be extremely helpful, particularly in the aftermath of such an event as COVID-19. Like professional gardeners or farmers, we have a deeper interest than most in what is going on and what financial instruments might provide more favorable results depending on what is going on in the world.

Spring Is A Great Time For A Financial Review

Our financial gardens have been through some challenging weather in the past couple of years. Yet the closer you are to retirement the most closely you need to keep your eyes on the many aspects that could potentially influence your finances. This is a great time to review your retirement plan to make sure it is working for you as well as possible. We’d love to have the opportunity to review your plan with you whether your account is with us or not. If you are just starting your financial garden, we would be honored to be the ones you trust to help you grow it well. Give us a call and let’s schedule a review.

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