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Spring Into The Joy Of Financial Literacy

April is the month in which those areas of the country with four distinct seasons have the joy of experiencing flowering trees, daffodils, birds returning from their southern journeys, it’s the world coming to life once again. I feel the same way each April for another reason too: It’s financial literacy month and I cannot express how important this movement to encourage everyone to improve their financial literacy is to me. I see financial literacy as a blossoming into a world of security, freedom, and beauty.

I often see people approaching retirement with very little real financial literacy. You can learn financial literacy at any age and in my book, it can’t start too early. Children love learning how to manage money. Most take to the subject quite naturally. Basic money management skills will serve your kids well into adulthood.

When your child starts babysitting or they get their first summer job, money management skills will be important. Hopefully, they will be getting some financial literacy skills in school. You never know, learning financial skills early in life could inspire a career as it did for me. My parents taught us kids very early on the importance of managing money. I taught my kids and now we have a successful family business helping others plan financially for a comfortable retirement.

If you haven’t developed financial literacy skills, your children may not have either. It’s a great skill to develop together as a family. Financial literacy is one skill that will keep a spring in your step the more you learn and put what you learn into practice.

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