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Seven Important Lessons About Fatherhood Dad Taught Me

As Father’s Day approaches, I fondly remember my dear dad and am so grateful for all the wonderful and important lessons he taught me about being a father and the role of fatherhood in our society. My dad was thrilled to be a family man. He was a good provider, a good husband and I was always proud to be his son. Through his living example, dad inspired me to want to be a good father too. He taught me the importance of faith as the primary principle in being a good person, a good husband, and a good father who might just be an inspiration to others.

Dad took his fatherhood role seriously, but he knew that he would have to show us kids that it was fun too. He did such a good job of that. We had a ball because dad made everything fun. Yes, there was hard work, but dad taught us that just because something is hard or difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t or can’t be fun or enjoyable. He taught us how to look for the goodness behind whatever appeared to be “bad.” We learned that something good always comes out of every situation or circumstance.

My heart goes out to all the families who have lost fathers to COVID-19 in the past year and a half. We are also living at a time in history when there are so many single parents and modern families. This means that the paternal role is being filled in non-traditional ways. However, the principles of the paternal role remain the same.

Lessons My Father Taught Me

I have done my best to pass the lessons I learned from dad onto my children. They in turn are passing the same principles on to their children, my grandchildren.

I love sharing the principles dad taught me about how to be a good father and the importance of the paternal role. I hope you will find some gems of wisdom that you can incorporate into your family and pass on to your loved ones.

1. Our Faith matters. Real Faith dictates the way we live. 2. Fathers need to love unconditionally. You don’t have to agree or condone others’ actions, but you do need to love regardless. 3. Respect is earned and taught. Pass it on. 4. Family is family no matter what they do or don’t do. You will always be somebody’s son, daughter, mother, father, grandparent, cousin, etc. 5. Providing for your family is a privilege, not a right. Work is a blessing, not a curse. 6. Faith, Family, and Friends should be a father’s focus. 7. Financial Stewardship is important as it allows us to provide for ourselves and to be a blessing to family, friends, and others. It is better to be a “caretaker” than to be ‘taken care of”.

I love being a father. I love providing a comfortable life for my family and passing on my faith in the goodness of life. To all the dad’s out there, keep doing the best you can which is all any of us can do. And to all those who are lucky enough to still have dad around, let him know how much you appreciate him.

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