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Make 2021 Your Personal Comeback Year

I doubt there is anyone who can’t identify at least one area of life in which to make a comeback after the unexpected topsy-turvy year we had in 2020. We’ve been separated or at least a safe 6-feet away from friends and family members who don’t live under our roof. No hugging allowed! Some people have lost businesses and jobs. Some have lost loved ones. Perhaps some have had their faith shaken.

Turn Your Attention To What’s Truly Important

We have witnessed tension and turmoil, confusion and chaos. However, despite what has gone on “out there,” we know it is changing. The one thing we can count on is that everything passes, everything changes. We are moving forward. It’s time to turn within and to focus squarely on the aspects of life that are truly important. The aspects of Life from which we derive our true strength and ability to always make a comeback no matter what.

Focus On The 3 F’s

I’m talking about the importance of faith, family and friends. In my life, I include my clients and my business associates as my friends. Going within reconnects us with the knowing that we can survive anything. We consciously determine to be a survivor; to help our family stay well and safe; to be respectful of others who live differently; to maintain a never-give-up spirit.

We are social beings, and the safety protocols that are keeping us safe from the virus are also wearing on us. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for though. We can be proactive and join together with people we trust – our inner circle. We can give and receive hugs to those we live with and know have been practicing according to prescribed safety guidelines. We can eat better and exercise to keep our bodies and our spirits strong.

Focus On The Positive Things That Have Emerged

We have much to look forward to this year. As the economy restabilizes and safe vaccines are made available, we will enjoy coming back and in many cases exceeding our former positions.

Perhaps you’ll want to and be able to work from home more often. Maybe you’re learned that you can be even more productive when you get to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Maybe you learned how to make the most of your business despite the setbacks. Maybe you learned something about your co-workers, your family members or yourself that you didn’t know before. There are always positive things that come out of hardship.

Keep Your Financial Plan Top Of Mind

It’s also important to stay on top of your financial plan during this comeback time. Review your plan and your objectives with your Fiduciary Advisor regularly. If you don’t have a Trusted Fiduciary Advisor, consider our firm. If you don’t think you are a getting your money’s worth from your current advisor, it’s a good time to explore other options. Give us a call and request our free Fee and Services Audit.

It’s going to be a great year. Like every year, there are sure to be challenges, but when we keep our mind and hearts focused on the positive things that are truly important we know we will survive and more than likely exceed our greatest expectations.

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