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It’s Time For A Financial Spruce Up

Ah, springtime! Soon we will be springing forward into daylight savings time, which means it’s the time of year those of us who love to garden start plotting out what to plant and where. As both, a gardener and a financial planner, I see the need for specific planning and nurturing with both your annual garden and your financial garden. The coming of spring is a great time to check up on and spruce up your financial affairs if necessary before the tax filing deadline.

I’ve made a list of the important areas to check this time of year. Once you do a spring review, you’ll be ready to enjoy the weather knowing your affairs are in order.

This is a good time to make sure: •You are doing all you can to lower your tax bill •Your Wills and Trusts are up to date •Your Beneficiaries are correct and up to date •Your Investments are properly allocated, and you are not being charged hidden fees •Your Insurances are up to date and the coverage amounts are correct •Your Income Plan is in place to provide you all the monthly income you will need for your Retirement Journey It’s never a bad idea to have a fresh set of eyes review your financial house. If you decide to do this, make sure you work with a fiduciary financial planner. If you would like a free no-obligation second opinion, simply email or call me.

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