In A World Of Constant Change Focus On The Good And Prepare For The Unexpected

I love the seasons that we experience here in Michigan. As we approach the autumn months, I am reminded once again of how our lives are constantly changing too. If only the changes that occur in our lives were as predictable as the changing seasons! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Unfortunately, life is full of changes that sometimes pleasantly surprise us, often cause disruptions and confusion, and sometimes cause hurt and pain. The only thing we can do is strengthen our faith and prepare as best we know how for whatever unexpected changes may come our way.

Let’s for example think about the kinds of weather changes we know happen. We know there are days when the weather is absolutely glorious, and there are days when the weather is treacherous, and you wouldn’t want to be caught out in it. We know enough to pay attention to weather forecasts so we don’t get caught out in blizzards and other weather systems that we can now see and be prepared for. But, as a general rule, we don’t focus on the bad days. We focus on all the wonderful days. We plan for what we want to do with all the beautiful days life holds for us.

We make sure our families are safe. We plan for our financial futures in order to weather any storm that may come and cause disruption. And, even as we know the days are going to get shorter and colder here in Michigan, we know how to plan for that. We put on our sweaters and coats and go outside and revel in the changes, the amazing colors, the excitement of change that leads to cozy times in front of the fireplace. We know that winter is coming, and that winter always turns to spring. That thought alone may be enough to warm your soul.

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