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How To Express Real True Love To Your Valentine

Flowers, jewelry, and heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates and cards filled with sweet sentimental words are traditional Valentine’s Day expressions of love. However, as a Financial Advisor who has seen the multitude of ups and downs in relationships, I’m here to tell you that even decades of showering a loved one with flowers, candies, and cards will not help a grieving, financially strapped spouse if you don’t have your financial house in order.

A sudden pre-mature death or an unexpected chronic illness followed by a long, drawn-out death can leave a family or a surviving spouse destitute if you don’t have a plan in place that takes into account those types of events. When you love someone, a solid financial plan is the greatest expression of true love.

This year, I encourage a break with tradition. The pandemic has made it clear that when you love someone, every day with that person is special. Every day is Valentine’s Day, a day to express your love and appreciation for the ones you love. And nothing says that better than getting your financial house in order. Schedule a meeting with a Fiduciary Advisor if you don’t have a plan in place. If you do have a plan in place, review it or have a Fiduciary Advisor review your existing plan to make sure all the bases are covered. Below is a list of topics that need to be addressed and assessed.

•Final Expenses and wishes confirmed

•Adequate Survivor Income •Major debts, mortgages, loans paid off •Money for emergencies •Investments properly monitored •Tax issues addressed •Estate issues resolved •Health care costs covered •Inheritance issues resolved Remember, anyone can pick up a bouquet of roses, a box of candy, and a card. But it takes real thought, consideration, and effort to establish, follow through on, and provide financial stability to your loved one. It’s never too late to show your loved one how much you care. Give us a call today to review your current financial plan or to establish one for the love of your life.

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