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Gratitude Improves Everything Even Your Financial Life

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays with its emphasis on turning everyone’s attention to the things for which we are grateful. Given the circumstances of the past couple of years, we have much to be grateful for. As I was researching for this blog, I came across a wonderful article that caught my attention. It’s called How Gratitude Can Help Your Financial Life. (I’ve provided the link to the article below.)

So many people got hit hard financially during the early stages of the pandemic. Many people had to dip into their retirement funds just to put food on the table after losing their jobs. I know there was a tremendous amount of fear and some people may still wonder if they will recoup their losses. We’re further away from those frightening early days. Many people have returned to work. Many are finding new freedom working from home. Many people were able to save money since they didn’t have to commute to offices and some people found they were actually better off financially.

As we come into the Thanksgiving season, it’s nice to be reminded that “gratitude makes us more aware of the sources of joy, wonder and hope in our lives. Being grateful also can improve health, strengthen relationships and help us manage our money.” The beauty of being thankful and grateful is that is draws our attention to what we do have instead of what we don’t have. Our financial lives are inseparable from any aspect of living. So, I encourage you to be grateful for wherever you are financially and know that you can continue to move into greater and greater financial well-being because gratitude helps to “reduce feelings of impatience…making it easier to save and delay gratification.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. May the feeling of gratitude permeate your heart throughout the season and beyond.


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