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Give A Valentine’s Gift That Preserves Your Love Forever

A lovely meal, a bouquet of roses, a piece of expensive jewelry, all these are universally acknowledged gifts that are given to express love on Valentine’s Day. They are especially powerful while courting someone you love. When the relationship goes further and you marry and start a family, those are still romantic gifts that are deeply appreciated. But there is another kind of gift that will let your loved ones know that your love for them will be proven long after the meal, the wine, and the jewelry have lost their luster.

The gift of financial security is a gift that says should anything happen to you, should you die prematurely, become disabled and not be able to provide for your loved ones, that they will be taken care of. Nothing says “I love you” more profoundly. I’ve been helping clients create this gift for their families through financial planning for more than 30 years and I love doing it as much today as I have since the beginning of my career.

Through solid financial planning, you can provide income for your spouse, pay off debts including your mortgage, and pay for college education for your children and your grandchildren. The security of this kind of love cannot be overestimated. If you haven’t started a financial plan for yourself and your family, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Give our office a call and let’s get you started so you can assure your family that your love for them will be provided even if something should happen to you. And, of course, should you live a long and healthy life, which is what we all hope for, you’ll be able to look forward to financial security in your retirement years. In addition, your family will have the pleasure of your love and companionship and all the other good things that life offers, and that a solid financial plan makes possible.

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