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For A Retirement That Is Like An Endless Summer

Nothing quite compares to the long, lazy carefree days of summer. We lounge around, play, garden, swim, hike, go on exotic vacations, take day trips and explore the places we call home. Basically, we do what we want pretty much when we want.

As summer starts to wind down, most of us get a little testy! We don’t want this luxury of time to end. The great news is that I spend my time helping people plan for the retirement of their dreams. And for many that means retirement years that are like an endless summer.

You really do have to start dreaming about how you want to spend your retirement years and create a plan that will carry you to that dream. The dream alone won’t do it. I often encourage people to start dreaming about retirement during the lazy summer days. We have a few more of them left before the chill of fall sets in.

Developing Your Retirement Dreams

After they retire, so many of my clients often tell me they wonder how they ever had time to go to an office or a job of any kind. I’m used to it and it makes me very happy to know my clients have worked diligently to achieve their financial retirement goals.

Are your dreams forming in your imagination as you have time to indulge them during the summer months? Or perhaps as you are heading into your office each day? Maybe you’re at that point in life where your kids are on their own and you are getting closer to those carefree retirement days.

I know the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some people to clarify their retirement dreams and to work more diligently toward them, while it has caused others to revise their dreams a bit. The other thing COVID-19 has made clear is that a well-thought-out retirement plan is imperative to make sure you can successfully ride the waves of life through all its changing tides and storms.

But, back to those dreams. Is your dream to live on a beach in a tropical climate or someplace where you can play golf all year? Do you want to be close to your kids and grandkids? Perhaps you dream of going back to school, volunteering in the community or starting a small business? Do you dream of spending hours in your garden each day?

Retirement means different things to different people and different dreams have different costs attached to them. Do you have a solid retirement plan and are you diligently sticking to it even during COVID? It’s not uncommon for retirement dreams to change over the years, but what doesn’t change is the dream of being in the financial position to do what you love even if that is doing nothing!

A Good Plan Supports Every Dream

As I mentioned earlier, retirement means different things to different people, but for the majority of people it consists of being able to live the lifestyle they choose and having a degree of financial independence and freedom. That dream is absolutely possible. I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their retirement dreams. Let me help make yours a reality. This summer is coming to an end, so let’s put a plan together and watch your dreams unfold.

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