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So Much To Be Thankful For As We Celebrate Our Nation’s Birthday

This year’s 4th of July celebrations are sure to be unlike any we have experienced previously in our living history. Since March, we have been in the midst of a global pandemic and have been restricted in ways we are not accustomed to as Americans. We are also experiencing social unrest as a variety of discriminatory and unjust human rights issues are finally being brought to light.

Despite the restrictions and the claims, so rightly being made for equality and justice, we have so much to be thankful for as we find ways to celebrate our nation’s birth while being respectful of the health and wellbeing of others. Despite the imperfections, the existing inequalities and injustices, we as a nation are continually growing and have much to learn as well as much to be proud of.

We still have the freedom to choose the attitude with which we face each and every day. No one can ever take that away! We have the freedom to choose what we believe in and how we want to live. Even though millions are out of work at the moment, we know “this too shall pass” and that soon enough we will be able to move about without endangering the lives of others.

We are establishing practices that will come to be known as the “new normal.” As an adaptable society, we will adapt just like we have in the past. We’ve adjusted to wearing seat belts to protect ourselves and others and we do not get behind the wheel of an automobile when we are drunk. We will adapt to whatever minor discomforts are acknowledged to be beneficial to all as we go about pursuing our individual goals and dreams, none of which are being permanently threatened and all of which deserve to be celebrated.

Let’s remember that there are many brilliant people searching for a vaccine to help us get through this, and so many other brave people doing their best to keep everyone safe. We have super-heroes fighting for a better life for us all in every arena.

May you and your family and loved ones have a joyful, safe, love filled 4th of July celebrating our Independence from the English monarch’s rule! We’ve come a long way and we will keep growing.

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