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Cherish Mom More Than Ever

I’m going to set thoughts about financial planning aside for the moment and instead turn my attention to Mother’s Day. The COVID19 pandemic is teaching us some very important lessons about family and the people we love. Not being able to get together with our loved ones is proving to be more challenging than anyone could have imagined. And with Mother’s Day this coming weekend, it’s going to be particularly difficult.

Consider this. If you were fortunate enough to spend the past Christmas holiday with your mom, no one would have guessed that you wouldn’t have been able to celebrate with her and hug her at Easter. No one could have known that we wouldn’t be able to give mom a hug and a kiss and shower her with gifts come Mother’s Day. But, unfortunately both scenarios have come true.

I find it particularly heartbreaking that many moms will have to spend Mother’s Day alone because of this virus. If mom is in a nursing home, visitors are prohibited. Maybe she lives alone and you’re afraid that you might bring the virus to her. Most of the country is still under shelter-in-place orders. If you do go out to public places, social distancing requirements are also being observed. So, no hugs for mom unless you live under the same roof with her.

Even more heartbreaking are those who have lost their mothers to COVID19. And, if your mom was in the hospital, she probably died alone as those with the virus are in complete isolation. And, if your mom did die of COVID19, chances are you did not get to have the funeral she deserved. for her.

Cherish your mother more than ever before. If she is still alive do whatever you can to let her know how much you love her – even if you can’t be with her. There is simply no telling how long mom will be with you. In fact, cherish all of your loved ones. There is simply no telling how long they will be here.

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