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We Are All Family

Nothing is more important to Retirement Resources than family. Retirement Resources is a family owned and operated business, and every one of our clients is considered an important member of our family. And, this time in history is proving exactly how important family is. In fact this historic moment is proving that we are one big human family.

No one is more or less important than another. When one part of the world, country, state or town suffers, we all suffer. We human beings are intricately interdependent. As fiduciary financial advisors we look after every single one of our clients’ well-being as carefully as we do our immediate family.

Stay The Course

When it comes to the financial concerns of retirement, this precarious time sows seeds of fear and doubt. However, history has also repeatedly proven that, in times like these, no action is the best course of action.

Everyone is in for a bumpy and scary ride right now. Even though the market bounced back and even went to a new high, we also know from past experience that we are likely in for even bigger drops as we hang on for this historic roller coaster ride. Usually, though, within 12 months from the most dramatic drop, the market bounces back to its previous high and oftentimes exceeds the previous high points.

Turn Your Attention Elsewhere

I’m not suggesting that you put your head in the sand and ignore what’s going on, but it might be better for your emotional well-being if you stop looking at your retirement account balances until this COVID19 crisis is behind us. That’s what my family is doing and that’s what we suggest for all Retirement Resources family members. Remember that the whole world is on the same ship and worrying simply never helps anything.

It’s a great time to get out into the garden and plant some seeds that will yield beautiful flowers and vegetables in the coming months. The air is fresher, the earth is grounding, and gardening is an activity everyone in the family can enjoy together.

Be Of Good Cheer

As I mentioned earlier, worry is not helpful. In fact, all worry does is take you down a dark rabbit hole raising more questions and concerns. No one has answers right now, so relax. If you are able to be helpful to your community in any way during this time, of course maintaining the recommended social distancing, that might be comforting for you as well. Many people are sewing, making masks for friends who don’t have them and for local hospitals and medical centers. I am checking in on my elderly clients, as well as friends and family to make sure they are well, staying safe and have everything they need.

Let’s take care of each other now. Let’s shine the light of optimism and hope and be of good cheer. We know this is going to come to an end eventually. Let’s be a shining example for those we have the privilege of being together with now as well as for those who may not have anyone. This is the time to put your belief into the importance of family into action. We are all family.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay home.

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