“This Too Shall Pass” And “April Showers Will Bring May Flowers”

Keeping my thoughts upbeat, positive, focused on truth and a brilliant future and knowing that everything changes is how I am choosing to navigate through this historic time. Following the protocol of social distancing and handwashing and keeping hands away from the face seems like the wise things to do. So, that is what my family and my team are doing. I hope you and your loved ones are choosing to do the same. After all, worrying just leads to more worry.

We are in the early days of spring and what a beautiful time it is to take a brief retreat from business as usual! All you need to do is to step out into nature, look around and remind yourself that seasons come, and seasons go. Winter inevitably turns into spring!

The stock market has its cycles too. It goes up and down and sometimes stays steady. Sometimes it fluctuates like a wild and crazy rollercoaster. That rollercoaster ride is particularly wild right now and feels pretty scary, I admit. I mean for some people their stomach feels like it’s in their throat. But just like every rollercoaster ride, the dizzying twists and turns ups and downs will come to an end. For a while at least.

The only thing we don’t know is when this wild ride is going to end. So, we all just have to hang on. And history has shown us time and time again that when crises are resolved, the Stock Market tends to rise sharply and quickly. Since no one in the financial industry has a crystal ball, I know it might not be what you want to hear, but the harsh lesson is that it is always better over the long run to choose your risk tolerance and stay with your plan.

We’re all in this together, like on a ship being tossed about on a raging sea. And, we will get through it together if we stay the course. Please, get out and enjoy the spring weather, start a garden, get good at having family gatherings via Zoom. Most of all stay safe, stay well and be patient, kind, cheerful and focused on the truth! This too shall pass.

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