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Our Business Is Long-term Intimate Relationships

As I write this on Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but think of all the long-term relationships I’ve been privileged to have with the numerous individuals and families who have entrusted me to help with their financial well-being. As a financial planner, I am privy to my clients’ major life events. I’ve been to numerous client weddings and weddings of my clients’ children. I’ve helped with wedding plans for adult children and helped with decisions about buying homes, career planning and identifying appropriate retirement communities. I’ve helped adult children care for aging parents, helped clients rebound from divorce, widowhood and other personal losses. It is without question a wonderful privilege to be an intimate part of so many lives.

Because of this relationship, I have a ‘thing’ about Valentine’s Day. Love is the glue that holds families, friends and businesses together. Love is what makes the world go ‘round. So on this special day, in addition to the flowers, the lovely meals, the chocolate and fine champagne, I would like to share a few financial planning tips that express love every day to your Valentine. And, I am also sharing the values on which our family owned business is founded. If you share the same values, we would love to work with you to help your family establish a strong financial foundation.

The Values That Guide Us

1. Always Do The Right Thing.

Biblical principles of honesty and integrity have always guided us. We work hard to show our clients they can truly trust us to keep their best interests in mind.

2. Make A Difference.

We sincerely desire to make a big impact for good in our clients’ financial lives. We understand that we cannot be all things to all people, so we only accept new clients that we know we can help.

3. Truly Care About People.

Everybody says they provide great service. At Retirement Resources, “service” is not just a department of our business; it is our business.

4. Surround Ourselves With Successful People.

We believe an individual, team or business is only as strong as its partners. We have assembled a staff of highly talented and committed professionals to help us serve our clients.

Everyday Financial Tips

Follow the Golden Rule

Be as honest and accountable to your mate as you would like them to be with you about spending decisions and preferences.

Be Generous in Spirit

Everyone needs some money for which they are not accountable. Don’t crowd your partner on agreed upon spending freedoms.

Keep Good Records

Or, if you are not the record-keeper, cooperate with the person who does do the record-keeping.

Save Regularly

Your future standard of living depends in large part how much you save today. Agree on how much you will save. Set it up for automatic implementation. Take joint pride in progress.


Agree on the timing and content of regular “state of our finances” conversations. Be careful to neither hog decision-making nor, for whatever reason, refuse to engage. Find the middle ground where you are both aware of and contributing to important financial decisions.

Be There For Each Other

Everyone has unexpected challenges such as career upheavals, investment mistakes, and scary medical expenses. Face them together, as a team.


Keep it fun and forward moving. Celebrate the small successes and the big accomplishments.

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