“Sell In May, Go Away, Come Again St. Leger’s Day”

If you’ve been involved in the financial world for a while you may have heard the old saying that goes, "Sell in May and go away, come back on St. Leger’s Day." This is a well-known financial-world adage, and according to some sources originates from a specific old English investment strategy. Apparently it was customary for the aristocrats, merchants and bankers of the day to leave London at the end of May and go to the country during the hot summer months. And according to history, stocks typically were known to underperform during the summer months. So, they would sell their stocks and put their money in bonds.

Return In October

Once the aristocrats returned to London in mid-September after the last leg of the British Triple Crown race held on St. Leger’s Day, they would turn their attention once again to their investments. Some investors even here in the states, keep that saying in mind. However, it doesn’t mean that you sell your entire portfolio when following the strategy. It simply means an investor is out of the stock market and in bonds during the summer months. Come winter they are fully invested well into the spring.

You May Not Be Aristocrats But We Treat Our Clients Like Royalty

Today there are more billionaires and millionaires in the world than at any other time in history. Today, there are over 11 million millionaires in the U.S. However, the financial world is much different today than it was in England back when the “sell in May” strategy was the trend.

The stock market is without question more volatile than ever. There is no cut-and-dry strategy to follow like the English aristocrats enjoyed in simpler times. However, here in the states, those people who work with a fiduciary financial planner who plans well and those who contribute regularly and steadily to their retirement funds may never be called aristocrats, but they can and do live richly without worry when the stock market fluctuates. They very well may become millionaires, even multi-millionaires.

That is our goal for our clients. We are protectors of our clients’ hard-earned wealth. We don’t play with fluctuations in the market. Rather we take a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve and live your retirement dreams.

Different Times Of Life Call For Different Financial Goals

It has been shown in a 2019 Northwestern Mutual study that U.S. adults who work with a financial advisor report “substantially greater financial security, confidence and clarity than those who go it alone.

Whether you are a few years from retirement or currently retired, our goal is to help protect the wealth that you have spent a lifetime accumulating while still being able to draw the income that meets your needs. We look closely at all major aspects of your retirement life from Taxes to Social Security to Estate Planning and design a custom plan that fits your financial goals. Give us a call and we can review your current retirement financial plan to make sure your dreams are sure to be met.

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