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If Blinded By The Bull Market Your Retirement Dreams Could Go Skating On Thin Ice

Right now, we are in the thrall of the colorful and typically fairly short fall season. It’s a dazzling time of year, and much like the excitement of a Stock Market Bull Run, we can get thrilled into believing the beauty is unending. We can get easily fooled, even though we know that winter is on the way and soon all the shimmering beauty and color will be gone.

It’s a harsh lesson to get caught in the end of a bull market. Typically stock returns in the last months of a bull market tend to be mediocre at best. With that in mind, right now is the time to recognize and prepare for the end of this current record Stock Market Bull Run. Of course, no one can say with certainty when the bull run will end, but we can see signs that the market is changing. If you try to hang on in order to wring out a last bit of profit, you could find yourself in increasingly risky territory that could be difficult to get out of.

When you are well and properly prepared, if the economy and the stock market continue going up, you may still be participating to at least some extent. But, if a bear market begins immediately, you will be well protected.

Don’t allow yourself to be mesmerized by the colorful profits of this Stock Market Bull Run. Anyone who takes the time to properly prepare in advance of a Bear Market will skate through breezily. Those who don’t could be putting their retirement dreams on thin ice!

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