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Father’s Day, Summer Vacations, Long Lazy Summer Days

This is the time of year those of us living in the Midwest look forward to all winter. The whole world of business tends to slow down a bit allowing us to get outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature at her finest. There’s always so much to look forward to during the summer months. Outdoor sports, gardening, vacations and stay-cations, swimming, and long, leisurely days without schedules and obligations.

Being A Dad

Father’s Day is coming soon. I can already imagine all the backyard, poolside and lakeside barbeques. I can practically smell the burgers, steaks and hotdogs on the grills!. I always look forward to Father’s Day and being surrounded by my beautiful family, my children and grandchildren and my amazing wife. Being both, a dad and a grand dad is truly among life’s greatest blessings.

I recognize how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful, loving family. I know not everyone has it as good as I do. I am sincerely grateful to my wife and children for being who they are. I also acknowledge my role in contributing to the creation of a wonderful family. Having and raising a family was the most important goal in my life.

If you are a new dad, congratulations. You have an exciting time ahead of you. I have a few words of encouragement I shared with my son when he became a father, that I’d like to share with all the new Fathers.

First of all, don’t get down on yourself when you make mistakes. Being a dad is on-the-job training. Admit it when you mess up, apologize, and work to do better next time. Kids are incredibly forgiving. And if you remember one thing, remember this, consistency is key to building trust. It’s the little things you do repeatedly over time that build a strong bond of trust with your kids. When it comes to trust, the little things matter big time.

If you are a grandfather, hip-hip hooray for you! You have raised your children and now get the glorious gift of watching your grandchildren blossom. Hopefully you have a financial plan in place that will see you through your lifetime in the style you enjoy, and provide for some comfort for your children and grandchildren when you are no longer here.

What To Do On At Least One Of Those Long, Lazy Summer Days

Whether you are a brand-new dad, relatively new or a seasoned grandfather, if you don’t already have a solid financial foundation established, I suggest this lazy summer afternoon activity. Prop yourself up on a porch or under a tree and begin to actively day dream. Dream about the future you want to build for your family. Think about how you’re going to establish a financial foundation that will serve your family for generations to come.

Set A Goal To Meet With A Financial Advisor

It’s never too early or too late to start dreaming or to put a financial plan in place. Every dream fulfilled begins with a thought followed by action. I hope you’re the kind of dad that sets his dreams in motion sooner rather than later. Summer time is a great time to sit down and interview several financial advisors. We are typically a little slower this time of year, like many other businesses are so getting an appointment should be easy. It’s a great goal to set when you are filled with the joy and pride of being a good father or wanting to be a better father/grandfather. Give us a call. We can swap stories about being dads!

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