The Mother’s Day Gift Of A Lifetime

May is the month that we celebrate our amazing mothers, without whom none of us would be here. With Mother’s Day on May 12th, it is time for you, dad, to consider how you will let your wife know that she is loved and cherished by you beyond measure.

Come on guys, listen up. I’m giving you the idea for the best gift any Mother can receive this year or any year from her husband. If you can’t get it together quickly, at least you can begin working on it this year and present it to her next Mother’s Day.

So, what do you think would give a mother the greatest pleasure? I propose that it is the knowledge that she and her children will be financially secure should her husband die or become seriously ill and unable to provide for the family. That’s true no matter what age Mom is. Whether she is a young mother or a grandmother, you can be certain that it would make her heart happy to know that she will only ever be a blessing and NEVER a burden on her family.

I know it may seem a little old-fashioned and that many mothers today are quite capable of fending for themselves in every way including financially. However, I can assure you that no matter how sophisticated, strong and capable the mother of your children may be, her heart will open when she sees that you have taken the time and the initiative to put a plan in place to secure the wellbeing of your family in the event that something should happen to you. And the exciting thing is that you never know how she will reciprocate. But you can expect it to be very positive and loving.

As I mentioned, if you can’t pull this together by the end of the month, give me a call and we can start working on your plan for next year. This is a timeless gift. It would be well-received on any occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or holiday when gifts are typically exchanged. It could also be presented as a “Just because I love you” gift any time of the year.

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