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Planning, Maintaining, Harvesting And Free Spring Review

It’s April, and you know what that means. April showers bring May flowers. If your garden is well-planned and maintained, April showers are likely to result in a lush harvest of flowers, fruits and vegetables throughout the summer and well into fall.


Timing is the crucial element when planning any garden. Looking up the first and last frost will help you know when to plant at the right time. Plant too early and you could lose everything to a late frost. Plant too late and you could lose everything to bugs, deer or an early frost.

You need to make sure that your plants are in the right place, too. It’s all about location, location, location in order that your seedlings and plants receive the right amount of sunlight and rain.

Timing is pretty critical in planning for retirement success too. It’s never too early to plant the seeds to fund your retirement harvest. But there is a time when it is could be too late. You need time for your funds to grow and mature and send out healthy new shoots.

Besides starting as early as possible, reaping the richest financial harvest at retirement is typically achieved by teaming up with a trusted a financial advisor. Because like a garden, a financial plan must be properly tended.


Maintaining your garden can require some hard work and often results in a few aches and pains. You’ll need to devote yourself to consistently giving your garden TLC. Weeding, pruning and removing infected plants are just a few of the things you’ll need to do.

The success of any retirement plan is equally dependent on upkeep and maintenance. We watch over our clients’ investments, the market and any new laws that could affect their assets. We devote a great amount of time to helping clients achieve their goals. One of my greatest pleasures is watching our clients’ assets grow over the years.


Harvest time is as exciting in the garden and as when it is time for your kids to go off to college and you know that all of your TLC has paid for their tuition. It’s even better when you turn on the monthly cash flow for retirement! You can focus on enjoying your next chapter or next trip, rather than worrying about how you will continue to afford to live. All of the time you dedicated with your advisor in saving for the future has paid off. You can now reap the benefits!

Dig In

April is a great time to find yourself an excellent fiduciary financial planner. Maybe you have a tax refund that you can use to seed your retirement fund. If you’ve already started a fund and would like to discover if it is working as hard for you as you think it should, we can look it over and determine whether or not it is as healthy as it could be. Maybe your current plan could use a little pruning or weeding or could benefit from some TLC. We’d be happy to take a look.

Free Spring Review

If you act quickly, Retirement Resources is offering a free Spring Total Wealth Management Review for anyone who requests a free consultation in April. It’s a great way to be certain that your finances are in good shape and that April showers will lead to those beautiful May flowers. Give us a call today.

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