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Plant Well To Reap Richly

We are all familiar with the biblical saying that “you reap what you sow.” This simply means that each of us has to face the consequences of our actions. Of course, we want to sow intelligently and to the best of our abilities in order to reap the goodness we seek at harvest time.

Since April is the beginning of the gardening and growing season in the northern hemisphere, those of us who garden get excited about what we will plant each spring. Many people draw out their garden plots and envision the entire growing season. They know where to place plants based on how big they grow and place bigger plants where they won’t shade smaller ones. They know which plants are good to grow together and will help protect each other from pests.

As a gardener and a financial advisor I live by the reap what you sow philosophy. I get to help my clients sow for the most abundant harvests in their retirement years. And I love it!

I consider financial planning much like gardening or farming. The first and most important rule of gardening is: right plant, right place, right time. The same is true for retirement planning: right investment, right place, right time. Investment/financial planners must keep their eyes on the financial climate like gardeners and farmers have to keep a close eye on weather conditions.

The sooner you get your crop in the ground is important too. That’s all about the right time. When planning for retirement, it’s never too soon to begin.

On occasion, you may have to move a plant, and you have to pick and prune continuously. Once you start harvesting, you may have to preserve the overflow of veggies and fruits. In the financial world, this means keeping an eye on trends and cycles and knowing when it make sense to make moves that will protect investments and create continued incremental growth.

So, how will your harvest provide for you at retirement? Are you ready to map out your plan? if you act quickly, Retirement Resources is offering a free Spring Total Wealth Management Review for anyone who requests a free consultation in April. It’s a great way to be certain that your finances are in good shape and that your garden is well-planned. Give us a call today.

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