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Let Your Valentine Know That Your Love For Her Will Live On

Okay, fellas, this one’s for you. This is a special Valentine’s Day message that will let your Valentine know that you intend your love to live on, long after you’re gone.

It’s a well-known and documented fact that women typically outlive us men. So, you need to gift your wife or partner with the financial wisdom to help her carry on in the event that you precede her on your journey to the next life.

So, here are three things that will let her know how much you care. 1. Make sure she knows how to manage the retirement funds in your absence. 2. Making sure you leave her with enough investments and/or Life Insurance to last the rest of her life. 3. Make sure all your legal estate planning documents are correct and up to date.

These three items will require that both, you and your spouse actively participate in meetings with your financial advisor. You’ll be discussing major financial decisions together and will review your accounts together as a team. Too many widows end up not having a clue about their financial health when their husbands suddenly kick the bucket. Don’t let this happen to your wife. Let her know that you love her so much that you want her to know, not only that she is well cared for now and will be in your absence, but that she knows how to preserve and manage her assets.

You might want to present this information over a romantic dinner after sending her a bouquet of long-stemmed roses and a beautiful card. I’m just saying, while a meeting with your financial advisor on Valentine’s Day might be exciting for you, it just might not be quite enough on its own to melt her heart!

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