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Dedicate Valentine’s Day To Love And Money

Most people like to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Restaurant reservations are hard to come by if you don’t plan well in advance. Long-stem rose sales skyrocket along with sales of chocolate, diamonds and other gifts that dazzle and delight the hearts of lovers everywhere.

I can’t bring anything else to the table to enhance those typical romantic gifts that lovers exchange. But I do have a suggestion that will really show how very much you care for your partner and the life you share together. A romantic dinner at home -- with all electronic devices turned off and out of the room – discussing your financial affairs.

Make It Fun And Romantic

You may think it odd to speak about money on Valentine’s Day or thereabouts. But, in my mind, there’s nothing more caring and romantic. When you discuss the things you want to do in your life together, money typically is going to be a primary and necessary ingredient. Imagine talking about the romantic destinations you’d like to see together. Talking about money matters will help you pave the path to get you there. And, when you consider that so many couples break up over money issues, being able to have fun and easy conversations around money can make your relationship stronger and help keep romance alive.

Make It An Ongoing Discussion

The most important thing when having discussions about money, if there are snags, is not to play the blame/shame game. You’re in this together. You are each interested in your financial well-being now and in the future. Look at discussing money as a romantic endeavor. How you manage debts and spending will be contributing to the achievement of your dreams and is an evolving process.

Next to physical health, financial well-being is the greatest concern of most couples and families. Especially when the stock market is so unpredictable. The National Endowment for Financial Education did a survey and discovered that 69% of U.S. adults set a financial New Year’s resolution in 2018. So, this is a big deal and needs to be a top priority in your marriage or committed relationship.

The Two Most Important Topics

Debt issues need to be agreed to by each member of the couple. If you are responsible about debt, then the topic need not be a turn-off or a difficult one. Student loans may still be outstanding and if so, you just need to put a plan in place to pay them off over time. Other big expenses and credit card debt typically trip up couples. However, if you pay your bills every month in full, you’ll avoid interest charges. Working together to achieve these goals is what relationships are about. This is how intimacy is achieved.

Discuss Your Overall Financial Plan

Imagine the fun of discussing how you’ll establish regular savings fund for emergencies and long-term goals like buying a house or funding retirement. Imagine your life together founded on strong financial principals. Honestly, this sounds romantic to me. And, if necessary, there’s no harm in bringing in a professional to help establish achievable goals and milestones! That’s my kind of threesome!

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