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Tis The Giving Season

I love the holiday season. This time of year seems to bring out the best in everyone. Everyone seems to sparkle with love and joy. Family, friends, colleague and clients join together in a spirit of celebration. And, this is the one season of the year that’s all about giving. Giving to charities, to family and friends. Giving to colleagues and clients. Giving, giving, giving of the abundance of life.

With all this giving, does anyone think seriously about where all the gifts that are given will end up? Just about nobody. Giving is expected. And we have come to say, “it’s the thought that counts.” Of course, everyone hopes that some real thought goes into each gift and that they’ll receive something they love and can use from everyone. But that rarely happens. In fact, as reported by, according to Optoro, a tech company that helps major retailers manage their returns, $90 billion worth of goods are returned during the holiday season. And 5 billion pounds of returned items end up in landfills.

Not only does this have an adverse effect on our economy, think of what it does to the environment. Is giving worth it? I think it’s high time to re-think this giving season.

Reconsider The Gifts You Give

Everyone loves to see packages “tied up with strings,” colorful paper and ribbons under the glittering tree. But, considering all the regifting and returning of items that happens during this season, I’d like to propose a different kind of gift-giving to those closest to you. It won’t necessarily work for colleagues, but it is appropriate for close, intimate friends and family members.

Give The Gift Of Well-Organized Financial Affairs

I recognize that you cannot influence the behavior of others through force. However, you may be able to inspire others to strength and a solid future through your own example. This is why I love giving those closest to me the gift of well-organized financial affairs.

You can do the same for your loved ones. Give them a card that entitles them to an appointment with one of our financial advisors at Retirement Resources. When your family and loved ones understand the great value of establishing a strong financial foundation early in life, that is the true meaning of a gift that keeps on giving.

We Created An ARK Process To Help You Survive Life’s Financial Storms

Our ARK Total Wealth Management Process can help you get organized financially. It is a process that once put into place guides you to retirement. This helps you successfully negotiate the financial ups and downs that occur in the market without disrupting your journey toward the financial future you envision.

First, we Analyze the current financial situation in relation to the current financial goals and concerns.

Secondly, we make Recommendations for achieving your goals and addressing your concerns. Thirdly, we Keep you on track by regularly monitoring your progress.

Our process also addresses the 5 main Total Wealth Management concerns retirees typically face which are:

1. Adequate income for life

2. Preservation of Retirement Assets

3. Increasing Health Care costs

4. Minimizing Taxes

5. Estate Planning issues

Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Your gift of well-organized financial affairs could inspire your family members to carry on that tradition. A solid financial foundation can continue for generations to come. It doesn’t hurt the environment by ending up in the landfill. It isn’t something anyone would want to return or re-gift. This is a gift that creates greater abundance, comfort and joy.

Wishing you and yours the happiest, healthiest holiday season.

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