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Give Your Family The Gift Of Well-Organized Financial Affairs

In this season of giving people tend to be more focused on the quantity and quality of beautifully wrapped presents glowing under the tree. Other traditions give gifts too. Many children look forward to the 8 nights of Hanukah when they receive a special gift each night.

Those gifts are all well and good, but they may or may not provide the kind of joy the giver intended. In fact, many gifts that find their way to a spot under the tree are recycled and re-gifted. So, why not do something different this year? Give another kind of gift. The kind that will serve your family and loved ones perhaps for generations to come.

Why not give yourself and your family the gift of well-organized Financial Affairs? Give them the gift of an appointment with one of our financial advisors at Retirement Resources. Teach your family the greater value of establishing and building upon a strong financial foundation.

Our ARK Total Wealth Management Process can help you get organized. First, we Analyze the current financial situation in relation to the current financial goals and concerns. Secondly, we make Recommendations for achieving your goals and addressing your concerns. Thirdly, we Keep you on track by regularly monitoring your progress.

Our process also addresses the 5 main Total Wealth Management concerns retirees typically face which are:

1. Adequate income for life

2. Preservation of Retirement Assets

3. increasing Health Care costs

4. Minimizing Taxes

5. Estate Planning issues

It may not be all sparkly and bright, but this is one gift that will likely spark excitement and joy throughout your family’s life. Okay, so you can also put some presents under the tree! I’m not Scrooge!

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