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Retirement Resources President, David Boike Shares Lessons He Learned Early In Life That Led Him To

Retirement Resources President and Investment Advisor, David Boike, gives thanks for early financial lessons taught to him by his parents and grandparents and shares some of the wisdom they passed on with his readers.

Auburn Hills, MI — November 13, 2018— David Boike, President of Retirement Resources and co-author of The Ultimate Success Guide with Brian Tracy, published a new article on the company website entitled, “Deeply Thankful For Good Financial Lessons Learned,” in which Mr. Boike elaborates on the many things for which he is thankful on a daily basis.

Boike begins, “As I sit around the Thanksgiving table each year with my beloved family, I am always thankful for the wholesome, solid good financial lessons my parents and grandparents taught me.” He adds, “Were it not for those lessons and those beautiful people who raised me, I would not likely have the magnificent life and family with which I am so clearly blessed.”

According to Boike, “The lessons I learned led me into a career path that I truly love in which I do my best to help others become better savers and investors. I practice and pass on the lessons I learned early in life, knowing that not everyone had the same kind of guidance, from the get-go, that I had.”

“In honor of the faith-based financial wisdom passed on to me by my parents and grandparents,” writes Boike, “I share some of the most powerful of those lessons. It is my most sincere hope that you and your loved ones learn something new that will contribute to the creation of a long-term, strong financial foundation.”

Among the eight lessons Boike shares are, “Whatever you do, give it your best efforts. Others may get the rare lucky break, but you will eventually reap what you sow.” Another states, “Remember, we all eventually reach retirement age. The sooner you start saving and investing for those days, the more financial security you will enjoy.”

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About David Boike

David is a well-known financial educator, co-author of The Ultimate Success Guide with Brian Tracy, author of High Tide and contributing author of 21st Century Wealth. For over 30 years, David has been teaching investors age 55+ how to preserve their assets, increase their income, and reduce income taxes. He is also scheduled to teach Retirement Planning Classes at Wayne State University and MSU Education Center. He has also taught Retirement Planning Classes at Michigan State University, Wayne a State University, and Oakland Community College.

For over 4 years, Dave was featured on NBC25 every weeknight at 6PM, discussing the daily market wrap-up. Many area retirees have used Dave’s advice to enjoy a financially independent retirement.

David is a Chartered Financial Consultant, a designation awarded only to the most experienced advisors who have completed a 10-course program of study, through the American College in Pennsylvania, focusing on Tax, Investment, Risk Management, Retirement and Estate Planning. He is an approved Member of the International Association of Registered Financial Planners, the Society of Financial Service Professionals. As a strong advocate of education, Dave recently spoke at The Michigan Association of CPA’s and is teaching a class at Oakland Community College.

David's latest book, High Tide, A Practical Guide for Affluent Retirees to Protect, Profit and Prosper from the Coming Storm, talks specifically on the important challenges retirees are facing today and some new cutting edge solutions to address those challenges. He teaches you in this easy to read book how to take the steps necessary to achieve your successful retirement.

David is Managing Member and Chief Compliance Officer of Retirement Resources, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Every year, since 2011, Retirement Resources has been awarded the 5 Star Wealth Manager of Michigan, which is only given to the top 7% of advisory firms.

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