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You Can Never Be Too Financially Smart

The financial world is complicated and forever changing. With our global economy, fluctuating stock market and the changing tax laws there’s always something new to learn. As an experienced financial advisor, I am continuously learning and passing that learning on to others. My clients are always the recipients of anything new I learn that might be helpful in making their retirement funds go further and/or enrich their lifestyles.

So, now that the summer is over, and the grand kids are back in school, what are you going to do? How about going back to school too? Maybe a refresher class to find out what good retirement planning looks like today. There may be some great adult enrichment classes on retirement planning in your area.

Seek Education That Doesn’t End With A Sales Pitch

Retirement is great. However it’s even more enjoyable when you know your finances are stable and will provide for you during the remainder of your life and will provide a legacy for your kids and grandkids.

I always encourage people to learn as much as they can about making their money work smarter for them. I also emphasize learning that doesn’t end with a sales pitch for your business or to sell the presenters books or products.

If you live anywhere near me, I personally teach at three different colleges. I also frequently do Retirement Planning Forums and I have one coming up in which I’ll be sharing the spotlight with a CPA and an Estate Planning Attorney. This upcoming forum is at an MSU Education Center in Troy Michigan on Tuesday October 9 at 2pm.If you’d like to learn more or register you can visit our landing page by clicking here:

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