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Be An Example Of Continuous Education For Your Grandchildren

Remember when you were younger what it was like returning to school each year? The air was electrified with excitement,

anticipation and so many questions. Who would you meet? Would there be new kids at school? What exciting new things would you learn?

Your grandkids are now experiencing that excitement since the school year has just begun. Why not put a little bit of that excitement back into your life again? Return to school to take a course that will enhance your retirement years. You’ll also be setting a wonderful example for your grandkids, showing them that you’re never too old to learn something new and exciting.

Enhance Your Retirement Years

Fact is, retirement isn’t just about having enough money to allow you to enjoy your retirement and leave a little something behind for the kids and grandkids. There’s so much more to it than that. This is a time also for exploring long-held dreams or bringing new ones to light.

For example, I teach a course at three area universities called Rejuvenate Your Retirement®. This is a comprehensive educational course that covers the key issues retirees face today. And, let me say right up front, none of my courses ends with a sales pitch. They are purely educational.

Explore Your Dreams

Perhaps you have a dream of becoming more active by taking up a new sport or physical activity like yoga, jogging or rock climbing (hey, you never know!). Maybe you’ve decided to write your memoirs as a gift to your children and grandchildren and you aren’t sure how to begin. There are courses designed for retirees that will educate you and help you achieve your goals.

The Rejuvenate Your Retirement® course I teach covers new ways to stay mentally, physically and socially active. In addition, I cover important financial topics such as reducing taxes, assessing investment risk, planning for health care needs, and planning your estate. Above all, you discover how to apply this knowledge to help you pursue a more active, healthy and financially secure lifestyle in retirement.

Living Longer Means Your Money Must Last Longer

Through education, we are learning how to take better care of our health. We’re learning the healthy benefits of staying more active too. And, as a result, we are living longer. That means making your money last throughout retirement has never been more challenging. We want to maintain the lifestyle we’ve created, and we have to do that without traditional pensions that were common in the past. Most companies no long offer pensions. Add to that the recent and cyclical volatility of the stock and bond markets and the current low interest rates paid by banks and you begin to understand just how challenging it is to extend the life of your financial funds.

Seek Out Reputable Educational Sources

As I mentioned, I teach the Retirement Planning Classes at area Universities and I teach through the Financial Educators Network. They only allow Qualified Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisors to teach their classes, which is an important thing to look for in a teacher. If you do not live near any of the universities where I teach, seek out the most reputable courses. If you do live near me and would like to consider taking a course with me, you’ll find more information and will be able to register here:

The excitement of returning to school at any age for a single course or a complete course of study is palpable. You will always meet new people and be exposed to new ideas. That in itself is enriching.

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