When A Vacation Is Better Than A Vacation It’s Called Retirement

Whether you are at the beginning, in the middle of or winding up your career, you may spend varying percentages of time dreaming about the day when you can hang it all up and retire. That’s a marvelous pastime especially if you have already begun socking money away and have a true financial retirement plan in the works.

The More Time You Take To Plan The More You’ll Enjoy

If you do have a retirement plan, it’s important to approach your planning as if you are planning a permanent vacation. That’s in order to have the kind of money that allows you to take regular vacations from your retirement without worrying about money. If you don’t have a retirement plan in the works, it’s imperative that you think seriously about starting one as soon as possible. In fact, ask someone near you right now to recommend a retirement financial planner. Or call me. I’m not kidding, the sooner, the better.

Better Than A Permanent Vacation

Let me clear up one thing for you right now. In reality retirement is not truly a permanent vacation. It’s actually better! That is, it can be if you plan well for it. The goal of retirement planning is to be able to march to the beat of your own drummer. In effect, you are planning to cover all your expenses and allow for the kind of vacations you want to take within the new lifestyle of your ‘permanent vacation’ from the daily routine of work.

Believe me, scheduling your time and money to enjoy the rest of your life is well worth all the sacrifices and hard work you put in to get to that point.

You’ll Want A Vacation From Your Vacation

Boredom tends to be one of the biggest complaints of many retirees. But, it certainly doesn’t have to be. You can begin an encore career, start a small business, have a part time job or volunteer for your favorite hospital or charitable organization. You can schedule days without schedules and days filled with play. Like I said earlier, retirement is a time when you get to march to the beat of your own inner personal drummer! This is what makes retirement better than a vacation. And, take this bit of info to heart: you’ll most likely want and need a vacation from your vacation! Sometimes that part time job or volunteer work suffices. Other times a radical change of scenery is required. That European of Alaskan cruise might be just what is called for.

The Joy Of Successful Retirement Planning

Plan well and your retirement years can far exceed your expectations of what you thought retirement would be like. If you’d like a second opinion about your current retirement plan or would like to begin a retirement plan, give us a call. The only thing more enjoyable than retirement is helping others successfully plan for that part of life.

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