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It Takes A Winning Team To Create A Winning Retirement Plan

I look at life as a game. Each individual comes in as part of a specific team (family). They learn how to play the game and each plays to the best of his or her ability. In the meantime, each one intuitively begins looking to eventually create their own team (family), join a team (school/company/corporation) in order to continuously benefit from strength in numbers.

It’s actually impossible to play the game of life alone. We all need to be part of some kind of team no matter how big or small. We are, after all, social creatures.

A Model From Entertainment To Big Business

What once was merely a form of entertainment has grown into a major business. I’m talking about sports teams. Pretty much any kind of team can provide a great metaphor for creating a strong financial retirement plan. But, because we are currently in the midst of College Basketball’s March Madness, I’ll use basketball teams.

Building a strong retirement plan is part of the game of life. We want to be able to step away from the work we’ve done throughout our careers and enjoy some of our favorite past times without giving up the style of living we’ve grown accustomed to. That’s what I define as a winning retirement plan.

Building a winning basketball team is not unlike building a good retirement portfolio.

I came across a blog on a financial education website using the S&P500 and the Dow as models. Even though I don’t work with the market specifically, it’s a useful illustration. So in this illustration, imagine your financial advisor is the coach of the team playing against the Champion Index team.

“The Champion Index team has three players that are 7 feet tall, one player that’s 6 feet tall, and one player that’s 5 feet tall. Your team has one player that’s 7 feet tall, one player that’s 6 feet tall, and three players that are 5 feet tall. The way the Dow and the S&P500 measure performance, a 7-foot player’s scoring counts for more toward influencing the index than a 5-foot player’s scoring. But as a coach you know scoring the most points during the game is how you win the game, it doesn’t matter if it was your 7-foot player or your 5-foot player who scored. You also recognize that your team will most likely never look exactly like the Championship Index team.”

“The other decision you may have made when you recruited players to your team is that you wanted a defensive expert who may not be very good at scoring. Your strategy was to win some games on defense rather than just offense, and to avoid being “blown-out”. You might call this strategy “winning by not losing”. In the end you know there are lots of basketball teams in this country with very few of them looking exactly like the Championship Index team. What matters most to you and your fans (family) is winning games.”

Many people tend to think of risk more as permanent loss instead of just fluctuation. As Mr. Sharples continues his illustration, he points out and with which I agree, “In terms of basketball, winning the game is more important than whether you won by 1 point or 20 points. Progress toward your financial goal is the most important part of measuring your success. The other thing to remember is that as a coach you can change your line up to better adapt to the environment you’re playing in and how your players are performing. Your streak shooter may be on a roll so you leave him in until he cools off, then you substitute your defensive expert to win by not losing. What matters most to you and your fans (family) is progress toward your goals and winning games.” (

We Have a Team Ready to Serve You.

As I mentioned earlier, we believe in strength in numbers which is why as human beings we love being part of a team. And, you’re only as good as the team you are on.

At Retirement Resources. Our team approach provides you with access to multiple advisors. You never have to wait until your advisor gets back in town for an answer or advice. Not only do our advisors rank as some of the best in the country, but we have developed a back office team that is more than willing to serve you.

We don’t have ‘streaky players’ on our team. That’s a ‘risky’ player. The kind that when they’re hot they can’t seem to miss a shot and when they’re not, they can’t seem to make a basket at all. Our players are among the most consistent and best you’re likely to find anywhere.

If you’re ready to take your retirement plan to the next level, or if you are just beginning to create your plan, take a look at our team at Retirement Resources. No question about it, when you reach retirement age, if you stick with our team, you’ll be able to predict your outcome!

This content is provided for informational and educational purposes only. The information, analysis and opinions expressed herein reflect our judgment as of the date of writing and are subject to change at any time without notice. They are not intended to constitute legal, tax, securities or investment advice or a recommended course of action in any given situation. All investments carry a certain risk and there is no assurance that an investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. Information obtained from third party resources is believed to be reliable but not guaranteed. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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