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About Our Firm


David and DJ boike – senior partners of Retirement Resources, a fee based registered investment advisory firm – bring years of coaching expertise to their roles as financial consultants to hundreds of retirees.

About Retirement Resources


When describing the way they work with clients to create a long-term financial game plan, many financial advisors use sports analogies. However, David and DJ Boike, the father-and-son leadership team behind Retirement Resources, bring years of literal team coaching expertise to their roles as financial consultants.  Before entering the financial services industry, David coached high school basketball and baseball while teaching history and business.


DJ followed in his father’s footsteps, teaching history at a private school for six years while coaching various sports.


“When I founded Boike Financial Services, I decided I wanted to provide full financial planning services,” David says. “I felt it was the best way to use my teaching and coaching skills to help get people’s financial lives in order. It was a way for me to broaden my scope and become a financial coach.”


The teaching and coaching background has shaped our core approach to financial planning.  Retirement Resources was built on the idea that an educated client is the best client.  Transparency and trust are paramount to a good client-advisor relationship.  Their commitment to this is evidenced by the development of “Retirement Youniversity”, an educational program that allows clients access to monthly classes and seminars that focus on a wide range of topics from quarterly market updates to topics such as “Preventing Identity Theft”.  


While the Boikes’ firm has blossomed well beyond David’s initial goals three decades ago, he has enjoyed the added bonus of working with family. DJ’s brother Jake is the firm’s Chief Operating Officer and Dave’s wife Cherie is his executive assistant.


“Beyond our immediate family members,” Dave says, “everyone who works on our team here at Retirement Resources shares our founding vision that we are there to make a difference in people’s lives.”

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