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Free Retirement Kit

Before you can plan your retirement, you need to know the facts. This helpful Retirement Kit includes three separate guides that address several topics you should consider when planning your retirement:


  • Will You Have Enough Income in Retirement?

  • 5 Retirement Planning Missteps to Dodge

  • 7 Annuity Basics

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Will You Have Enough Income in Retirement?


What percentage of your working income should you plan to generate in retirement? Though this number varies with each individual, this guide will help you calculate the number that is appropriate for your specific financial situation. These questions will help you consider important factors that will affect your retirement income strategy, including:

  • Your current spending

  • Increasing inflation rates

  • The longevity of your life

5 Retirement Planning Missteps to Dodge


Knowing what not to do when planning for retirement can be as important as know what you should do. This guide will walk you through some of the common mistakes pre-retirees make. Inside you will find:

  • Five missteps to avoid when planning your retirement income strategy

  • Facts that paint the picture of today’s retirement landscape

  • Your first steps towards confidence in your financial future

7 Annuity Basics


Whether you are thinking about purchasing an annuity, or just wanting to learn more about them, this guide can help you understand how they work, what the fees are and how long it might take before you can start receiving income. It answers common questions, including:

  • What if I need access to the principal in my annuity?

  • What are the fees associated with an annuity?

  • How long will I be able to receive income from my annuity?

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