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Get Educated

It can be difficult to make financial decisions without access to the right information. We're committed to helping you make informed decisions about your financial future.

About our popular Educational Events


For over 30 years, David Boike has been educating the local community about issues that affect today's retirees through his educational workshops. The events have become highly sought after by affluent investors looking to minimize fees, reduce risk and find an advisor who works for them and not a company.


If you have received an invitation to an event, here is what you can expect:

A low-pressure way to get to know us in an elegant and comfortable setting – If you are looking for an advisor, this is a great low-pressure way to come and see who we are and what we are all about. Even better, you will be will be provided a delicious meal and it’s all on us! We even cover the tip!  


Answers to questions that face today’s retirees – Am I prepared for risk?  How do I guarantee I won’t outlive my money? How can I be sure my advisor is looking out for my best interest?


A no-obligation, stress-free presentation – There is no hidden cost to this presentation. As fiduciary advisors, we don’t have products we are trying to push or quotas we are trying to meet. Our goal is for you to leave a little wiser about where you stand and to offer you further help if you think you need it.


The opportunity to further educate yourself – For those who want to further explore their retirement portfolio, the advisors will set aside time for the attendees who want to take advantage of a free no-obligation second opinion.  Bring your calendars, just in case!


If you have received an invitation to an educational event, please RSVP online or by calling 1-800-441-5119. If you have not received an invitation but would like to see if you qualify to attend one of our popular educational events, please call 1-877-732-5751.  

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